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Most men wake up in the morning with one thing on their minds.  When two men wake up together in the same bed… Well that’s just a win/win.</br></br>Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano know how to give each other what they really desire in the morning.  Stripping away the covers they passionately kiss and reach for each other’s bulging cocks.  Jimmy kisses his way down Connor’s muscled torso, drawing closer to Connor’s throbbing piece of meat he’s been stroking in his hand.   Sucking and slurping, Jimmy gets Connor’s morning off to a hummer of a start.   Connor reciprocates with pleasure as he greedily gobbles down on Jimmy’s thick monster.   Jimmy enjoys the view as he reaches over to play with Connor’s furry round butt.</br></br>A morning full of mutual cock worship brings Jimmy to the edge.  Ready to burst he tightens his grip and strokes out a thick stream of white-hot gold on this muscle ripped abs.   Connor then leans back in Jimmy’s strong arms as he milks his own cock to completion.   Held in Jimmy’s tight embrace Connor shoots his morning load.  Connor Maguire, Jimmy Durano

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